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Audite Organum

In 1990, after a fall of the Communist regime, the Minorites returned back to Prague and their tendency was to save and develop the uniqueness of the venue and tradition of St. James´ Basilica. The then Provincial Fr. Oldřich Prachař founded “St. James´ Audite Organum” society. Being the Basilica organist, I have always been in charge of the dramaturgy and organisation of concerts. I founded the International Organ Festival, series of Easter and Christmas Concerts and St. James´ Autumn.“St. James´ Audite Organum” is a community of my partners involved in running the concerts of organ music. It also includes the Club of Friends of Audite Organum.To support the organ of St. James´ Basilica, the instrument which is a historical sight, Sancti Jacobi Organum Foundation was established.

Irena Chřibková