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AUTUMN CONCERT AT ST. JAMES´ – 24. 10. 2020 AT 6 P.M. – ! Due to the government regulations the concert is not held and is rescheduled to another date. The tickets remain valid. !


Prelude in D major BWV 532



Da pacem, Domine

EUGEN SUCHOŃ (1908-1993)

What a charming land

PETR EBEN (1929−2007)


Oh, my sorrow

Our Father, Who art in Heaven


Ave Maris Stella

JAN HANUŠ (1915-2004)




Allegro maestoso e vivace

from the Sonata No. 4 in B flat major Op. 65



Jesu bleibet meine Freude BWV 147

Suscepit Israel


Sanctus (Missa brevis in B)

ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841−1904)

Let´s sing to the Lord from the cycle Biblical Songs Op. 99



Laudate pueri Dominum


PETR EBEN (1929−2007)

Credo (Missa Adventus et Quadragesimae)

ILJA HURNÍK (1922-2013)

Deo gratias (Missa Vinea Crucis)


Children choir ZVONKY-PRAGUE and Girls´ chamber choir ABBELLIMENTO

Jarmila NOVENKOVÁ − choirmaster

Jakub JANŠTA  – organ




The children´s choir Zvonky – Praha (The Bells of Prague) was founded in 1996. The choir has participated in a number of both national and international competitions and festivals and has given many concerts in Prague and other towns in the Czech Republic. Among many successes, one of the greatest was at the 35th International Festival and Choir Competition in Olomouc (2007), where the choir won four gold medals and an absolute victory among 127 choirs from 15 countries from all around the world and a gold medal and a victory at the choir competition “Per Musicam Ad Astra” (Toruň, Poland, 2018). The choir has toured most European countries, the USA and Canada and has recorded 10 CDs. Since the beginning, the choir has been directed by Jarmila Novenková. She graduated in the piano at the Ostrava Conservatoire. After that she worked as a choirmaster and a pianist for the Permoník Children’s Choir in Karviná. In 1996 she moved to Prague to fulfil the idea of the then-director of the Prague Music School to establish a school children’s choir. Over the years, the shape of the choir rapidly outgrew the scope of an original idea, and eventually reached its current form of a choir studio. Ms Novenková is a choirmaster of not only a concert and a girls´ chamber choir and also of two preparatory departments, thus from the beginning the children adopt her style of work and singers from preparatory departments easily integrate into a concert choir. She has been regularly invited to international juries, was a member of the Grant Committee of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and has been awarded for her pedagogical achievements several times, including the prestigious National Award of František Lýsek for the best choirmaster of the Czech Republic (2013). The choir was awarded the International Culture Prize of Charles IV.


The girls’ chamber choir Abbellimento developed from the oldest and most experienced singers of the choir studio Zvoneček – Praha (The Little Bell of Prague) of the Secondary and Music School of Prague. The literal translation of the choir´s name means a music embellishment, above that it symbolises the beauty of girls´ age. Since its foundation in 2005 it has gained numerous awards in the Czech Republic and abroad and has given concerts in Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA.


 Jakub Janšta studied the organ under Z. Nováček and composition under P. Zemek-Novák at the Brno Conservatoire. Then he was a student of J. Tůma at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He also took part in a study stay in Stuttgart under J. Laukvik. He has taken part in a number of masterclasses abroad. He is a holder of various awards from international interpretation and improvisation competitions in Opava, Brno, Schlägl, Lublan, Korschenbroich and a two-time semi-finalist from Odense. He has also been several times awarded at the Ostrava compositional competition “Generation”. Mr Janšta has given solo concerts as well as in cooperation with various ensembles and choirs. He has specialised in the improvisation in various historical forms. He is a teacher, as well as an organist and a regenschori at the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.