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19. 9. 2019 AT 7.00 P.M.

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart

A tribute to Petr Eben at the occasion of his 90th birth anniversary

MAREK EBEN recitation

Marek Eben ranks among the most distinguished television presenters for which he has received the Elsa TV award several times. His talk-show Na plovárně (At the swimming-pool) has won the Elsa award for the best talk-show. He has hosted many television shows and competitions, e.g. O poklad Anežky České (The St. Agnes of Bohemia Treasure), TýTý award ceremony and the Czech version of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. Since 1996 Mr Eben has been a permanent presenter of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He has been an absolute winner of the TýTý award twice. He studied at the Music and Drama Department of the Prague Conservatoire. After the graduation he became a member of V. Nezval Theatre in Karlovy Vary, of the Kladno Theatre and the Ypsilon Theatre in Prague (between 1983-2002). Apart from his acting career he is well known in the field of music. With his two brothers, he formed a band Bratři Ebenové (Eben Brothers), Mark being an exclusive lyrics writer, composer and singer. The band has recorded 5 CDs (Malé písně do tmy, Tichá domácnost, Já na tom dělám, Chlebíčky, Čas holin). He has also composed film music (films Bizon, Hele on letí and Poste restante TV series) and music and text for nearly twenty theatre performances (e.g. Matěj Poctivý for the Studio Ypsilon theatre, Vosková figura, Amerika, Othello and the Winter Tale for the National Theatre).


IRENA CHŘIBKOVÁ  organ (Czech Republic)

The leading Czech organist Irena Chřibková has been playing the greatest Prague’s organ at St. James´ Basilica in Prague for some twenty-five years. In 1996 she founded the International Organ Festival and other cycles of sacred music of Audite Organum. Her Sunday half-an-hour organ music productions at St. James´ Basilica have become extremely popular. She graduated from the Conservatoire in Kroměříž, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and in Paris with distinction. Successes at a number of interpretation competitions launched her career of a concert artist. She has toured extensively as a concert organist, appearing in Europe, Japan, Russia, Israel and the USA. Ms Chřibková is a much requested interpreter of contemporary music, paying special interest to music of Petr Eben. Her repertoire includes nearly all Eben´s compositions. She has to her credit the Czech premieres of ´Four Biblical Dances for organ and two dancers´ (1996), and ´The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart´ for organ and recitation (2004). She has cooperated with numerous leading singers, instrumentalists and orchestras. Her discography includes mainly Czech and French organ music. She has also produced a number of radio and television recordings. After a five-year teaching period at P. J. Vejvanovský Conservatoire and the Conservatoire of Evangelic Academy in Kroměříž, she currently teaches in Prague. She has juried a number of organ competitions and has led numerous masterclasses. She is a president of the Sancti Jacobi Organum Foundation.

PETR EBEN (1929-2007) / COMENIUS (1592-1670)

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart for organ and speaker


View of the world


The arrows of death

The sweet chains of love

The ceremony of the academy

The ignorance of the learned

The wheel of fortune

The crimes of humanity

False promise of a golden age

Vanity of vanities

Horror and swooning

The return of God